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SYD IS LOOKING FOR HER FOREVER HOME Don't like cats? Syd will change your mind. Seriously. He's super chill and loves to cuddle. He's a little over a year old with a lifetime of stories to tell. That one time he ended up in a trap and was brought in to the Humane

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BAEBAE IS LOOKING FOR HER FOREVER HOME The happiness Baebae has for human interaction can only be described in her signature wiggle-butt style! She's super well-behaved and is conducting immediate on-site interviews to be her forever human. She's not a big fan of cats and likes to pick her dog friends, but maybe

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Staff Member Spotlight (January)


Staff Member Spotlight - January Lots of staff and volunteers know him as Pepe, few know him by his full name; Jose Fernando Araujo Olazabal, and many refer to him as a miracle worker. At the shelter, Pepe holds the title of maintenance supervisor. A one-man repairing machine, Pepe is the first one

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TAZ IS LOOKING FOR HIS FOREVER HOME ​BABY BUNNY! OMG! Meet Taz. He's the sweetest little ball of fur you've ever met. He is a 12 week old holland lop rex mix bunny that wants to cuddle is little bunny self into your world. Taz is homeless and conducting immediate on-site interviews for

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Fourth Quarter 2019 Recognition List


Thank you for your donation! For over 50 years, the Humane Society of Sheboygan County has served the community with the goal of improving the lives of animals in need. As a private, non-profit organization we do not receive local or national government funding. We depend on people who generously give to

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Be My Constant Companion?


Be My Constant Companion? Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference in the lives of homeless animals? We have the answer for you! You can become more than a supporter - become a Constant Companion! Our Constant Companion program is an exciting and easy way to give monthly to animals

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Cold Weather Safety


Cold Weather Safety Winter has officially arrived here in Sheboygan County! Winter can be rough not only for humans, but for your furry friend. Between the drop in temperature, snow and ice, it’s no wonder we all want to cozy up by the fire in the winter season. Keep your pooch safe this

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Volunteer of the Month (January)


Volunteer of the Month - January Upon arriving in Sheboygan County, recent newcomer and animal lover Tanya Petersons was driven to find a way to start giving back to her community and it’s four-legged friends. Tanya has excelled in working with, and caring for the canine members of our shelter. In her average

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BELLA IS LOOKING FOR HER FOREVER HOME Bella can't believe nobody has come to bring her home yet. Bella's a 5 year old tabby that wants so much to find her forever home soon. She's been searching for her forever home for almost 600 days and can't wait to have some "normal" in

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MISS LULU IS LOOKING FOR HER FOREVER HOME Within two seconds of meeting Miss Lulu it's easy to see why she's a shelter staff and volunteer favorite. She's one of the top five sweetest and most well-behaved dogs we've ever featured on Furry Friday! Miss Lulu is only three years old... She's not

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