Since 1964, the Humane Society of Sheboygan County has been dedicated to its mission: prevent cruelty to animals, relieve suffering among animals, and extend humane education. We are Sheboygan County’s only open admissions shelter. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and shelter 4,700+ homeless animals every year.

The Humane Society of Sheboygan County focuses on accessible spay and neuter programs in an effort to beat animal population at its core. Creative adoption efforts and dozens of programs provide support for overlooked animals and work to place homeless animals into loving families.

“This is your shelter, built by this community – a place to find happiness for animals and families alike.”


In the early 1960’s, after learning that the City of Sheboygan euthanized unwanted animals with carbon monoxide poisoning, a group of dedicated volunteers lead by Carol Knier, Ann Fredricks, and Sophie Gunther started the Sheboygan County Humane Society.

By 1964 a physical shelter became a reality with extensive fundraising efforts. This first/current shelter was run completely by volunteer efforts working 365 days per year on three shifts per day.

The present shelter looks very much as it did in the early 70’s, but now struggles with overcrowding resulting from increased cases of neglect, abuse, and an influx of unwanted and abandoned animals. On September 15, 2018 the organization was rebranded to the Humane Society of Sheboygan County in association with kicking off their new Capital Campaign to fund a new, 20,000 square-foot facility next to the current shelter.


Our staff and board of directors set everything into motion at the Humane Society of Sheboygan County. We are proud of our amazing and dedicated team members.

TBA, Executive Director

Lisa Marek – Director of Operations

Dr. Annie Saunders – Director of Veterinary Medicine

Jill Foshee – Certified Veterinary Technician

Jody Merenick – Director of Marketing and Development 

Katelyn Burton– Community Engagement Coordinator 

Lisa Richards – Veterinary Assistant 

Kayla Becker- Veterinary Clinic Administrator

Jose (Pepe) Araujo – Maintenance Supervisor

Laura Lingl, President

Mike Beeck, Vice President

Terri Lillesand, Treasurer

Michelle Gentine, Secretary 

Tricia Reiss

Oliver Bauer

Ashley Kohler

Kate Hodges

Shawn Blackley

Kerri Nettekoven

Ann Marie Jacobson

Charley Mais

Jacqueline McKelvey

Steven Schmitt

Claudia Krepsky

John Garland

Pam Markelz, Emeritus Position
Jeff Anderson, Emeritus Position
Dr. Stephanie Greetan, Advisor

Life-Saving Statistics

Adoptions in 2022: Adopted 1,648 animals with a 98.5% Save Rate.

HSSC tracks the status of every pet using a nationally recognized standard. The data provides a detailed breakdown of the health and adoption status of every animal in our care.

Pets at HSSC remain available for adoption as long as necessary, and are never euthanized for space reasons. The save rate, calculated according to the nationally recognized Asilomar Standard, reflects the many options for pets that come to the shelter besides adoption, such as animal transfers and animals who are returned to their owner.