Trekking Into Autumn

Fall is a favorite time of year for many. Crisp mornings, crunchy leaves underfoot as you hike your favorite path, and hot apple cider all have an important role to play in an authentic autumn experience. Possibly the best part are the hikes taken on warm fall days, with your best friend at your side of course. If you’re on the same wavelength as us, that best friend probably has four legs and a tail. There are a few important items for you to consider before taking your canine companion on your next outdoor adventure together.

Thankfully, Sheboygan County has no shortage of perfectly scenic trails to meander through see below some options for your next trek.

Kettle Moraine
Evergreen Park
Old Plank Road Trail
Kohler Park Dunes

Important considerations; Ensure that your pet is up to date on their flea and tick treatment. Don’t assume that a first frost will have killed those pesky parasites by the time you and Fido hit the trails. Instead, ensure that your pet has had all necessary medications and diligently track their next dosage as well as the date on which to administer it. Before you go; Consider all of your options when it comes to picking the right trail for you and your dog. A good rule of thumb is to take into consideration the distance of your usual walking route when deciding if a certain distance is appropriate. Reference a trail map to help gauge what route is best for you and your dog.

Essential hiking items;
• Collapsible water bowl
• Dog collar, ID/registration
• Dog leash
• Water (for you & your pet)
• Poop bags
• Park Map

Some final thoughts; As you depart from your next adventure, be sure to leave the location in better condition than you found it. If your dog relieves himself on the trail, please take a second to pick it up. Your actions could have a positive or negative influence on someone else’s experience. Let’s make sure that our hiking trails are ready for everyone to enjoy.

Now get out there and explore!