Volunteer of the Month – March

Justin Kapellen has been volunteering with the Humane Society of Sheboygan County for over a year. He chose to volunteer with us because he loves spending time with animals as well as helping others. Justin was biased to HSSC as he had already adopted three cats from us prior to volunteering! 

Justin is essential here at HSSC, cleaning dog kennels and occasionally cat cages as well. He is also looking forward to fostering this spring! His favorite thing about volunteering is seeing all the animals, and he enjoys cleaning. He said his fellow volunteers also make the experience quite entertaining! 

One of Justin’s most memorable moments volunteering is when there  was an illness amongst the dogs requiring himself, as well as staff to gear up in scrubs, masks, and gloves to deep clean every inch of the kennels. 

When asked what he would say to someone who is interested in volunteering with HSSC, Justin answered, “If you have the time available, I say why not! It’s got something for everyone. It’s a nice environment with wonderful animals and amazing people!” 

A huge thank you to Justin for all of his hard work here at the Humane Society of Sheboygan County! We are very grateful to have you!

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