Volunteer of the Month – January

Upon arriving in Sheboygan County, recent newcomer and animal lover Tanya Petersons was driven to find a way to start giving back to her community and it’s four-legged friends.

Tanya has excelled in working with, and caring for the canine members of our shelter. In her average week, Tanya works with multiple dogs. She reports that in doing so, she has had the privilege of changing the lives of the animals for the better!

Another role Tanya fills for the shelter takes place at multiple venues throughout Sheboygan County. Tanya contributes to the fundraisers and community events involving the Humane Society. Often, she is responsible for bringing dogs along and notes that the dogs thoroughly enjoy spending time outside of the shelter and in public settings.

Tanya feels that the rewarding atmosphere that the shelter affords its volunteers is reason enough for prospective volunteers to “jump on in” and dedicate their time. However, she also mentions another thing that keeps her coming back are the friendly faces and how the other staff and volunteers have made her feel as though she belongs with us.

Thank you Tanya for all you do here at the shelter, you make each day a memorable one for your friends here – both humans and animals alike!

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