Staff Member Spotlight – January

Lots of staff and volunteers know him as Pepe, few know him by his full name; Jose Fernando Araujo Olazabal, and many refer to him as a miracle worker. At the shelter, Pepe holds the title of maintenance supervisor. A one-man repairing machine, Pepe is the first one we call when the equipment breaks, lights go out, or our aluminum can donation bin begins to overflow. Pepe has the responsibility of keeping our bustling shelter up and running as efficiently as possible.

When he leaves the shelter at the end of the day, Pepe doesn’t take his work boots off. He enjoys taking on home improvement projects and other jobs to challenge, and keep himself active. He gets satisfaction out of repairing broken equipment, and improving numerous household items.

With a wife, two children, and three grandchildren, Pepe’s social life is full. He most enjoys sharing time with his wife, and their children. In his free time, Pepe enjoys aviation, auto mechanics, and carpentry, not to mention, he has a passion for all things motorcycle.

Thank you Pepe for everything you do to keep our shelter in working condition!

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