Bella can’t believe nobody has come to bring her home yet. Bella’s a 5 year old tabby that wants so much to find her forever home soon. She’s been searching for her forever home for almost 600 days and can’t wait to have some “normal” in her life. She is a bit moody and sassy but knows her person is out there! Okay, so Bella has a BIG personality and knows what she likes. Have you ever known a kitty like that? Well, then Bella NEEDS you, because you will understand her and her many moods. I am a sass nugget and proud of it!
Maybe you’re just what she’s looking for? She’d like to interview you to be her human. By the way… Her adoption fee has been waived. You have no excuse not to come meet her!

Find out more about Bella here and listen to her radio debut here!

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