Vaccinate & license me, please!

Why Vaccinate Your Animal?

Overwhelmingly, in both veterinary and human medicine, it seems that measures have largely become reactive rather than proactive. Whether your pet is a social butterfly or a withdrawn introvert when it comes to interaction with animals from other homes, vaccinations promise protection from unseen monsters. Keeping current with your pet’s vaccination schedule provides you with peace of mind in the event of the exposure to a virus or infection.

Disease prevention – Many communicable (transferable) and non-communicable (non-transferable) diseases are prevented each year by owners who adhere to their pet’s vaccination schedule vigilantly.

“Herd Immunity” – Vaccinating your animal is not only for their safety! Limiting the amount of animals that are susceptible to illness provides protection against outbreaks as there are fewer carriers of the disease who can actively spread it to other animals or people.

Zoonotic Diseases – As mentioned above, some diseases have the ability to spread from animals to humans. It is important for your family’s health and safety for your pet to remain current on its vaccinations.

Cancer Prevention – Much like the human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Gardasil, certain types of cancer can be eliminated with just the prick of a needle.

Consult the helpful table below and ask your vet which vaccinations your pet should receive in order to keep them in tip top shape

Why License Your Animal?

You may wonder what the big deal is with licensing animals. And we’re here to tell you that it’s not just a big deal, it’s HUGE!

Why its huge;

  • A licensed animal has a much higher chance of being returned to you when lost.
  • IT’S THE LAW- fines and penalties can be issued to the owners of unlicensed animals.
  • A license proves that your animal is properly vaccinated which is often your ticket into doggy social areas such as parks and obedience classes.
    • If you are unable to provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations in the case that your animal bites a person, your animal can be taken from you and kept in a holding facility where they will be monitored closely for diseases.
  • The process of licensing your animal is painless – it requires little time and money to register your animal.

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