Volunteer of the Month – November

Dog lover and dedicated volunteer, Alyssa has been volunteering at the Humane Society of Sheboygan County for the past five years.

Alyssa originally got involved because her schooling required community service hours. A classmate and herself decided to fulfill these service hours at the shelter. After that, she was hooked.

One of Alyssa’s favorite aspects of being a dog walker is that “it’s a feel good thing.” Alyssa loves being able to help dogs in need, learn new techniques that she can utilize with her own dogs, and meet new people. She expresses that it’s very rewarding when she works with an animal and has the opportunity to see the change in their personality.

Alyssa has had so many wonderful memories at the shelter that she can’t pick just one and wanted to use her spotlight to highlight all the dogs at the shelter who have changed her life. Read below to learn all about those who hold a special place in our outstanding volunteer’s heart!

  • Achilles: Alyssa describes Achilles as her first love. He was a beautiful brindle hound with absolutely no manners. Achilles did a complete turn around after being at the shelter for over seven months.
  • Dallas: Dallas, the Pittie pup was a memorable experience for Alyssa. She was even lucky enough to sneak him home for the holidays.
  • Twix:  This Pit mix was another favorite and one of kind! He was beyond sweet and loyal to his people at the shelter. Alyssa remembers that after his surgery, he wasn’t feeling the greatest and she went into the shelter to snuggle him until he fell asleep next to her.
  • Bruiser: This boy is who Alyssa refers to as her “main squeeze.” The duo attended numerous events together and even won 3rd place in a Halloween contest. Tyson was always her go to guy to take on adventures to the lake.
  • Leo: In 2017, Alyssa met a group of dogs rescued from the meat market in Korea, that’s when she fell in love with Leo. She fell in love with Leo so much so that he has been a resident at her home since.
  • Titan: This young and misunderstood pit was someone who Alyssa saw the potential in to be an amazing dog. After months of working with him, he became everyone’s favorite. The dedicated volunteer recalls how lucky she felt to meet Titan’s new family and shed all the happy tears.
  • Samson: Another special dog to Alyssa, the one who forgave those who abused him. He certainly didn’t have an easy start to life and Alyssa had the pleasure of attending Tilly’s Pit Crew classes with him to help learn a few tricks.
  • Patron: A special dog who stole Alyssa’s heart from day one. He was initially quarantined due to his case of ringworm. Alyssa loyally geared up every week to spent time with him, giving him belly rubs and playing ball with the sweetheart.

Alyssa said she gets a lot of feed back on volunteering such as, “that’s so awesome you do that”, “I love animals, but that’s so sad”, and “how do you do that?” Her answer to those questions is easy. Do it. It’s the most rewarding activity Alyssa says she’s ever participated in. “Each one of these animals needs our love and care. It’s my stress relief and therapy. This animals don’t judge you, they’re always happy to see you!” Thank YOU Alyssa, the Humane Society of Sheboygan County is beyond lucky to have you! 

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