Dog Shedding – Taming the Mane

Dog parents know the shedding struggle – you brush and brush only to wind up with the “canine confetti” blanketing the sofa like a fresh dusting of snow. And while you cannot stop a healthy dog from shedding, there are a few things you can do to make your pup’s mop a bit more manageable.
First things first…

Before you go out and start spending on ‘miracle shedding solutions’, it may be beneficial to ask your vet for their opinion on why your dog is shedding in excess. Shedding can be the result of numerous health issues and may even come in response to some natural stimuli.

  • Seasons – An “outdoor dog” develops a winter coat in response to the temperature dropping and will shed heavily in spring when it is no longer needed. On the other hand, a dog who is kept indoors will likely shed regularly throughout the year.
  • Medical – Excess shedding can be an indication of a medical issue that your pet is experiencing. Many canine health issues come with hair loss as a symptom and shouldn’t be ignored. If you have any suspicion of an underlying illness, either schedule an appointment, or seek veterinary assistance for your pet immediately.
  • Stress – You aren’t the only one who may find themselves pulling their hair out when life gets the best of you. Your canine is also subject to the effects of stress, one of which is hair loss.
  • Poor nutrition – Hair loss can be an indicator that your pet isn’t getting adequate nutrition and may require a different food or supplements to get their coat looking sleek and healthy again.
Trouble shooting:

After determining the source of your dog’s hair-loss, it’s time to start managing the problem. While brushing your animal regularly goes a long way, it may be necessary to seek out additional measures to keep your home and clothes looking clean.

  • Use upholstery and seat covers for your sofas!
  • Be sure to bathe your dog regularly using a high-quality dog shampoo (human shampoo and dish soap are not recommended). Or have your pet bathed/groomed by a professional dog groomer – no mess in your house!
  • Use the correct brush- Did you know that there are 6 different types of dog fur?! There are numerous brushes designed specifically to work with different types of hair. Click here to view the grooming cheat sheet for supplies that are more compatible with your canine’s coat.

There are many non-shedding breeds that do require regular grooming (their hair grows continuously – like humans – so haircuts are a must.) All dogs require some level of grooming which the responsible pet owner acknowledges, and addresses accordingly.

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