Volunteer of the Month – September

4 years ago Lisa’s involvement with the shelter began as an aspiration to become more involved in her community, and grew into a lifelong passion of giving back to the animals who bring her so much joy.

Here at the shelter, Lisa contributes to our team of dedicated volunteers by walking the dogs and taking them to community events. She says that her roles here have afforded her the privilege of seeing the animal’s blossom with some TLC. “You work with these dogs and they grow to love and trust you and you see their sweet loving personality come out” she says, explaining that each animal is unique.

For a year and a half Lisa contributed to the shelter by providing a foster home for one of our dogs … until she adopted it. Because of this, the shelter jokingly refers to Lisa as a “foster failure” but don’t get us wrong, we couldn’t be happier that not just one, but two of our alumni wound up going home with her!

Lisa says that her time volunteering at the Humane Society of Sheboygan County is “one of the best things she ever did.” Further, she explains her love for the animals by saying that “You get to know these dogs and love them like they are a member of your family”.

From your friends here at the Humane Society of Sheboygan County; we are proud of you and the work you do here Lisa, thank you.

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