Staff Member Spotlight – September

Rachel, an animal caregiver here at the Humane Society of Sheboygan County, explains that doing “the small things often make big changes for the animals in our lives”. Her positivity and hard work has made the past 7 months of her job extremely rewarding for her and the lives she touches. She elaborates saying that her excitement for each new day is attributed to her passion for the amazing animals that she works with.

Rachel is an animal lover in every aspect of her life and has taken her passion everywhere with her. At home, she is the proud pet mom of a bulldog, a cat, a rabbit, a bird, a hedgehog, a hamster, and on occasion, a few butterflies. When she gets a chance to relax, she enjoys taking pictures, painting, reading, and writing.

In the future, Rachel looks forward to working in a new building for the shelter. Additionally, she looks forward to other things related to the new building such as having more space, and calmer animals. When asked, she said that her biggest hope for the shelter is to see one of our departments empty of all animals for at least one day.

Thank you for being a member of our team Rachel!

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