Volunteer of the Month – August

Since 2009 Rosie has enjoyed volunteering at the Humane Society because of the warm, welcoming atmosphere created by fellow staff and volunteers, as well as the fulfillment she gets from helping people and their animals. Currently, she contributes by cleaning, organizing, and working community events although when she initially began, she was needed elsewhere.

When Rosie first inquired about volunteer opportunities back in 2009, she was told that there was a shortage of volunteers at PetSmart. Rosie, willing to do whatever she could to help, accepted the position. She soon fell in love with the work she did there petting and playing with the cats who needed love and companionship.

For prospect volunteers who may have doubts Rosie encourages “anyone interested in volunteering to come to the shelter and find out who we are for yourself.” In reflection, Rosie recalls how she has always been treated like family, and how appreciative everyone is of any help she is able to provide.

From everyone here at the shelter, thank you for your generous service Rosie!

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