Humane Society of Sheboygan County Announces New Volunteer Coordinator

Sheboygan – the Humane Society of Sheboygan County announces the appointment of a new volunteer coordinator.

The Humane Society of Sheboygan County welcomes Kimberly Diedrich to the Humane Society of Sheboygan County team of dedicated staff and volunteers. Kimberly graduated in December of 2018 with an associate’s degree in human resources from Moraine Park Technical College, while also volunteering at Pet Smart in Grafton and the shelter here in Sheboygan during her free time. A woman of many talents, Kim has also obtained a CNA license, and a Corrections Certificate for the state of Wisconsin.

In her new role, Kimberly will support HSSC’s existing volunteers and develop new volunteers. Kimberly is excited to be given the change to expand the volunteer program and help it grow into its new facility. The current shelter at 3107 N 20th street was built in 1964. It has served its’ purpose but outgrown its’ efficiency. It is too small to handle the 3,000 animals that come through the doors annually.

The new building will be built on adjacent property that was donated by the Muth family. In addition to providing adequate space for the animals, it will provide so much more for the community. Kimberly knows that volunteers play a vital role in allowing HSSC to fulfill its mission to foster a compassionate community by promoting and providing for the well-being of animals.

Kim has a strong passion for making humans and animals happy. Specifically, she looks forward to instilling harmony at the shelter and says that her goal is to “make sure that everyone has a smile on their face.”

When she isn’t working or volunteering, she is an outdoor advocate getting the most enjoyment out of Harley rides, camping, and kayaking with her friends and family. At home Kim has two cats Lilly and Oscar although she often considers adding another set of whiskers to the family.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities at HSSC, visit our volunteer page or contact Kimberly at, 920-458-2012.

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