Microchipping Benefits

The decision to microchip your pet could mean the difference between joyous reunion and losing your best friend.

The Pro’s:

Pet owners are often skeptical of the usefulness of microchips but the importance of this safety measure cannot be over-emphasized. Microchipping your pet provides responsible pet owners with peace of mind that all possible measures have been taken to bring your feline or fido friend back home. In addition to peace of mind, microchipping also promises pet owners;

  • That the owner’s personal information remains confidential and is safely stored.
  • The microchip will likely never require maintenance and typically lasts the lifetime of a pet.
  • The procedure of placing the microchip under your furry friend’s skin is no more painful than a typical injection and requires no anesthesia.
  • The microchip is discrete and compares relatively to the size of a grain of rice.
  • The recovery rates for microchipped dogs and cats is considerably higher than those without according to the American Veterinary Medical Association:
  • The microchip can never fall off or become lost like traditional identification measures.
  • The unique ID encoded on each microchip ensures that the Rover you pick up is YOUR Rover and not a canine sharing the same name.



  • Microchipped: 38% recovery rate
  • Non-microchipped: Less than 2% recovery rate



  • Microchipped: 52% recovery rate
  • Non-microchipped: 22% recover rate



Although microchipping promises low maintenance, you can never be too safe. The chip should be checked annually to ensure that it is functioning and capable of bringing your animal home safe and sound.

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