Lost Pet Prevention Month

July is national lost pet prevention month and for good reason, out of all 365 days of the year the 4th of July claims the highest number of lost pets. There are a few things you can ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ in order to avoid adding your animal to the statistics of runaways this year:

Do: Get your pet microchipped to expedite the process of returning the animal back to you.

Don’t: Leave your pet outside unattended. Even the most grounded pooch will find reasons to wander.

Do: Keep your pet on a leash with you in a yard with no fencing.

Don’t: Keep your animal chained in a yard with no fence (chains can break and pets can injure themselves on tie-outs).

Don’t: Forget about traditional methods of pet identification measures such as pet ID tags. They can be extremely useful in the event that a well-meaning citizen finds your furry friend.

  • An ID tag should include:
    • Your pet’s name
    • Two cellphone numbers
    • Your address
    • “I’m microchipped!”(If applicable)

Do: Invest in your pet’s safety. Consider shelling out the money for a tracking device if your pet has a high flight risk.

Don’t: Let your fido or feline go nude! Make sure your furry friend is wearing its tags on every outing.

Do: Be sure that your animal’s collar fits snugly to avoid them slipping it and leaving identification behind.

  • Use the “two-finger rule” to measure the wiggle room between your animal’s neck and the collar. This will ensure that your canine has the most comfortable fit possible.

If you have any other questions, please contact us