Staff Member Spotlight – June

Crystal Jones is an animal caregiver and has been a foster mom for many kittens here at the shelter. She feels that the sense of belonging she gets from coming to work has become a natural addition to her life. Crystal is a huge animal lover, she even states that she often prefers the company of animals to that of humans.

Crystal’s love for animals spreads much further than the shelter, however, and at home, she takes care of a full house. In addition to her 7 cats and 3 dogs, Crystal cares for her son Riley, daughter Emma, and her loving fiancé Brian. Some of their favorite activities include walking and visiting the dog park with her dogs, and attending various events throughout the community (which she admits can be exhausting at times).

We often wonder what it is that keeps Crystal going with so much to do both at home and on the job. Maybe it’s her love for Mountain Dew which she always seems to keep within reach, or maybe she’s got a secret weapon to ward off fatigue. Whatever you’re doing Crystal, just keep doing it because we appreciate and need you!

Thank you, Crystal!!!

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