Nail Trims

Pamper your Furry Friend while Supporting Homeless Pets!

Does your furry friend give you a hard time or just plain disappear when the nail clippers come out? No need to stress, the shelter can help!

For the past several years the Humane Society of Sheboygan County has been offering nail trims as an affordable alternative to declawing. Our shelter does not support the act of declawing and several studies have shown the negative consequences for cats. Declawing can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering.

What many people don’t know; however, is that declawing removes much more than just the claw. Declawing removes the full first joint from each digit of the cat. If you would like to know what that would mean for a human, look at your hand. “Declawing” a human would involve removing everything above the first joint in each finger.

The shelter’s affordable nail trims are a way to keep you and your furniture scratch free in a humane way! 100% of the proceeds go directly to support the shelter pets here waiting for homes of their own.

Help support shelter animals and our mission to prevent declawing within Sheboygan County.

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