6 Winter Tips to Keep Fido Safe & Warm

Now that it feels like we’re in the dead of winter here in Sheboygan County, what should you do to keep your dogs happy and active? Whether it’s indoor play or outdoor play, we’re here to save you and your furry babies from being cooped up all winter long.

  1. Watch out for stinging and cracked paws!

While winter walks can be crisp and refreshing, cold damp sidewalks and the chemical agents used to defrost our areas is enough to dry out paws, cause discomfort, and lead to cracked, bleeding paws. To protect your pet’s paws, consider purchasing pet booties to keep those adorable furry feet protected and warm OR apply a moderate layer of petroleum jelly or other pet paw protection waxes. These will add a barrier layer between your pet’s paws and the ground. Once at home, wipe off paws to remove any salt or sand.

  1. Bring a Towel on Walks

Can’t stay away from nature walks and hikes? Then be sure to bring a towel. On walks, periodically check your dog’s belly and legs to see if they need a quick towel dry. Wet bellies and legs can rapidly decrease body temperature.

  1. Keep Your Home Warm and Humidified

ASPCA recommends keeping your home warm and humidified during winter walks. Repeated transitions from the cold to indoor dry heat can be taxing on your dog’s skin (and yours too!). Keeping a humidifier on during cold months will help skin retain some moisture.

  1. Hold the Baths!

Bathe your pets less during the cold seasons to protect their skin. But if your dogs get muddy and dirty playing, it’s still best to bathe them. To keep their coats shiny and their skin moisturized, opt for oatmeal-based shampoos.

  1. Get Them a Coat

Dogs that frequently walk in the cold will benefit from a nice jacket. While a simple fleece layer is enough for many large dogs, some appreciate a significant extra layer.

  1. Have Fun Indoors!

On days where the weather is not cooperating, or where you would like to keep your dog clean, indoor play is an excellent option! There are many interactive toys available online and in local pet supply stores to keep your dog occupied.

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