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Operated 100% by donations, not taxpayer funding.

Welcome to the Humane Society of Sheboygan County

Sheboygan County’s only open admissions, no-kill shelter.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and no-kill shelter serving over 4,750 animals in our community every year.

Each year we see 2,000 or more pets that come in as strays and are either reclaimed or adopted out. In addition to this, we serve an average of 2,700 animals each year through our community programs. 

Our Companion Animal Assistance Program (CAAP) provides pet food for a year to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. Keeping animals with their families that love them is a priority.

HSSC also helps individuals working with Safe Harbor or the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter to find safe housing by holding their pet here at no cost to them.

We also offer low cost programs such as vaccine clinics, spay and neuter appointments, Trap Neuter and Return for feral cats and euthanasia and cremation services.

We are funded 100% by donations from you, our supporters to rescue, save, rehabilitate, and adopt animals in our community. 

About the Humane Society of Sheboygan County

Since 1964, the Humane Society of Sheboygan County has been dedicated to its mission: prevent cruelty to animals, relieve suffering among animals, and extend humane education. We are Sheboygan County’s only open admissions shelter. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and shelter 4,700+ homeless animals every year.

The Humane Society of Sheboygan County focuses on accessible spay and neuter programs in an effort to beat animal population at its core. Creative adoption efforts and dozens of programs provide support for overlooked animals and work to place homeless animals into loving families.

In the early 1960s, a group of dedicated volunteers lead by Carol Knier, Ann Fredricks, and Sophie Gunther started the Sheboygan County Humane Society.

Carol Hollfelder holding her Black Cat Rebel

Carol Hollfelder Animal Shelter

The capital campaign project that made this facility possible is one of renewed purpose, hope, dedication, and pride. ‘Build New Beginnings’ was something Carol herself was familiar with in her own life and the life of our organization. Carol understood new beginnings and a need to recreate herself after a motorcycle accident left her paralyzed. With the use of specially made hand controls, and the fight to be able to use them in racing, she quickly established a reputation as a remarkable driver. Determined to pave the way for a new beginning, Carol’s passion for racing blossomed into a lifelong adventure. 

The generosity and support of Carol’s parents, Tom and Bea Hollfelder, has helped build this facility and has ensured that the aspirations of Humane Society of Sheboygan County become a reality. HSSC is honored to dedicate this building to be named “The Carol Hollfelder Animal Shelter”.

Carol’s love for animals has forged a legacy dedicated to pet’s health and well-being in our community for generations to come with the Humane Society of Sheboygan County Carol Hollfelder Animal Shelter.


Make a difference in a pet’s life!

Because of generous donors like you, we are able to rescue, rehabilitate, provide medical care and adopt out thousands of animals every year! The Humane Society of Sheboygan County receives no general government funding and is not affiliated with any national animal welfare organizations, such as PETA, HSUS, or ASPCA. We rely entirely on the support of generous people like you! 

Upcoming Events

Our Event Calendar

There is always something going on at the shelter! From kids camps to volunteer opportunities and special pet-themed days in between, our event calendar has all the details you’ll need to stay on top of what’s happening in our community.

Pre-Surgery Instructions
  • Cats/dogs over 4 months old: Do NOT feed after 10:00pm the night before surgery (limited water intake is OK) no food or water the day of surgery.
  • Kittens/puppies under 4 months old: DO NOT withhold food or water prior to surgery.
  • Dogs must arrive with a collar and on leash (no retractable leashes). Cats and rabbits must be in a carrier.
  • Pets must be dropped off between 8:00am – 8:30am the day of surgery at the Admissions Department. (South side of the building near garage, door is labeled)
Important Notices

*The Following animals and conditions are excluded from the SNAP program:

  • Any animal that is actively showing signs of illness
  • Any animal that is revealed to have a health condition during their pre-surgery exam (example: heart murmur)
  • Any animal over 7 years of age
  • Any animal that is deemed to be obese
  • Any animal weighing over 100lbs or under 2lbs
  • Any female that has given birth within the previous 6 weeks
  • Animals that are too fearful or aggressive to be handled safely.


  • We will spay female animals that are “in heat” at the time of surgery, but they are at a higher surgical risk for bleeding during surgery and post-operatively. It is strongly recommended that you reschedule the surgery for 4-6 weeks post-cycle.
  • SNAP is not a feral or barn cat program. If you have feral or barn cats to be spayed or neutered, please utilize a TNR / Return to Field application.
  • ALL FEES MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE. HSSC accepts cash and credit/debit cards only – NO personal checks. If you do not show up for your appointment at the scheduled time, you will forfeit the fees you paid. In the case of a shelter emergency, severe weather, or staff illness, we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment.
  • You MUST drop off and pick up your pet at the times scheduled. Your appointment will be cancelled if you do not drop off your pet during the allotted time. Boarding fees will be charged if you do not pick up your pet on time.
  • City of Sheboygan residents: You are required, by law to have your dog or cat licensed with the city. If your pet is not currently licensed, HSSC can assist you with licensure for an additional cost.
  • Applicants must supply all vaccination records for their pet, including licensing information, if current prior to service.
  • Our on-staff veterinarian performs the SNAP surgeries. No other surgical or medical services other than what is listed will be provided under the SNAP program. For follow-up preventive care or for services other than spay/neuter, please contact your primary veterinarian.
  • Animals brought in for surgery that have fleas will be charged $12.00 for flea treatment, plus an additional $12.00 for every other SNAP animal also on the schedule that day.
  • All spays/neuters will have a small tattoo placed near their incision to mark that they have been sterilized.
  • You are welcome to call to check up on your pet, but visits are not allowed.
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